Music and You

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Music and You

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Was just reading an article about an 80+ yr old man who required placement into a nursing home and was refusing as there was no space for his 8,000 record albums of Country & Western music. There was an attached photo of a full wall of shelving just stuffed with albums.

Made me wonder how important having our music IS to us? I don't remember exactly when I divested of all my record albums but I did hang onto them for a long time and they were quite important to me. Before getting rid of them I know I tried recording them onto tapes but I never did capture the quality of what I had. Then came the world of CDs which is where I'm stuck.

That being said I have a leather bound case where I keep all my CDs. I have quite a few of them (mostly music from the 70ies & 80ies and mostly music from Broadway shows). I listen mostly when I sew although I have now found out that I can order Alexa to play "Free music from the 70ies/80ies/90ies" and listen to the songs that are played.

How important is your music to you? Are you still keeping/hording Record Albums? Tapes? CDs? Or is all your music cyber based now?

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Re: Music and You

Post by FABlux »

We got rid of all our music when we went to Luxor, but did transfer a lot to our laptops.

Mad Dilys
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Re: Music and You

Post by Mad Dilys »

Music at home or work has never been important to me, simply because I was on the move until I went to bed.
I never owned a record player. But that didn't stop me from enjoying live music of all kinds - except progressive jazz and modern "Classical" on my days off.
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