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Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Am sure y'all are sick and tired of all there is know about Covid, the Variants etc however how has it been affecting you in your neck of the woods?

When it started in early 2020 was in Mexico and remember being more than nervous coming through Vancouver Internation Airport en route home. Initially lots of fears about how virulent it was going to be but soon came to realize that living on the Island meant we had very few cases here. Daily reports were 6 to 10 at the most and quite a few days of none however we were locked down, restaurants/gyms/schools closed etc. THEN we all came to find out that most of the cases were never in the general public on the Island but mostly confined to Long Term Care facilities!

As things have ebbed and flowed there was even a time when they stopped the Ferries running to the Island and most Folks here have developed a real "stay off the Island" attitude to anybody not from here.

Now with Omicron we're back to have almost everything closed again, masks mandatory however yesterday all the kids went back to school 1 week late (that was partly cause everything was still snowed in so back from record breaking snow the street were not passable.)

We're getting lots of supply chain issues. Lots of empty shelves in the stores and stuff is coming sporadically. Not too sure 'when' we'll get back to "normal" if ever but am thinking it is a bit of time yet.

Stay safe!!

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Re: Covid

Post by Grandad »

Snow LLL? None here so far in the south but they have had some further north. Temperatures still keeping above freezing with only occasional frost. Folks in the north of the UK may paint a different picture. :ni:
Yes, covid is becoming a bore and the main news item for nearly 2 years. We still have high levels of infection with about 1,000,000 new cases and 1700 deaths in the last 7 days. Nearly 70% of the adult population have now had 3 jabs and more than 90% have had 2 jabs. There is still a minority of 'non vaxers'. One granddaughter and her partner are in that group but everyone else is fully jabbed up including 12 year old grandson Louis.
But the big news items here are about a party (sorry working gathering) in the garden of the PM's residence during lockdown last year; and Prince Andrews dalliances with Virginia Guiffre (nee Roberts) about 20 years ago.....not very good during the Queens Platinum Jubilee year.