Provincial Politics

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Provincial Politics

Post by LovelyLadyLux » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:51 am

In Canada there are 10 provinces and a couple territories. I'm in the western most Province which for years and years was a "have" province (lumber, mining, fishing and breath taking views and vistas). We're beside Alberta which found out it had OIL along with fields for raising cattle. There has always been a back and forth of people between these two provinces.

Right now Alberta has OIL and wants to sell it to Asia which means getting it through British Columbia.

Unfortunately over the years British Columbia has grown a strong contingent of environmentalists who complain about literally honestly EVERYTHING. We're all in shock today because somebody adopted a PIG from the SPCA, took it home and then butchered and (OMG OMG OMG) ATE IT!

But I digress.

BC just elected a NEW Premier from the New DEMOCRATIC Party - NDP. (Makes me want to return to the USA). In every sense of the word this Party is going to SAVE the PROVINCE from the EVIL province of Alberta and have stopped Pipeline talks!

Right now because of this Alberta stopped buying our wine! (Somehow not an equal tit for tat). When we objected they've now threatened to stop sending us our gas and oil!!!

NOW - at THIS threat I'm starting to take notice as personally "I" want the ability to drive my car and not have to mortgage the house to do this.

The local newspapers are now talking about our Premier staring down the Alberta Premier and WHO BLINKED FIRST!

ONLY here can we talk about who blinked first, second and third and well - what does it mean?

Bigger issue is - IS BC going to allow the building of a pipeline (which was agreed to) OR are we going to say NO in which case Alberta has nowhere to ship their oil!?!?!?

Can't believe this old world...........

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