To castrate or to not castrate ..... ??

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Re: To castrate or to not castrate ..... ??

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Cairo zoo is similar to the zoo in Trinidad - "Awful" with a capital A. The Trindad zoo is quite small and all the cages (yes cages as there is nothing much natural about any of the habitats) are small. They have one building that has aquariums which are simply glass walled containers of water with a fish in it. Not a rock, not even a piece of cheap plastic seaweed. No attempt to make anything look attractive let alone natural so the animal/fish/bird might think they're in the wild.

Last time I was there they'd just got a Tiger. Sadly that poor guy will live in a small cage - maybe at best 20' x 40' (but I think I'm being quite generous in my measures. There is one wood board mounted up on one wall and a big rock but that is about as natural as it gets behind the bars. Really terribly sad for the big cat. Same for the monkeys. They're all still sitting in iron bar cages that hold minimal stimulation, interest or space.