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The Garden

Post by LovelyLadyLux » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:34 am

I think somewhere in the past posts we were doing a daily "in the garden" type thread OR maybe it was nature - don't remember but this is where my garden is now :) With the Painters finally leaving and collecting up all their ladders, sanders, scrapers, paint etc. I was able to get out and have a decent look at what is flowering and what is happening out there.

I joined our local Horticultural Society aka Garden Club and through there got some "rare" daylilies. They're still pretty small but am hoping they'll grow fill a large spot and keep mid-summer colour going. Quite like this one which bloomed as a double


And this one definitely has a PINK hue to it. Wish I knew the names :( however just knowing they're pretty and growing is good enough for me.


The lavender is really doing well. Haven't tried to pick and dry it but since it is so lush this year I might


There is one big old blue hydrangea out back and I planted two more last year. I thought they were just regular hydrangeas but they're flowering PINK.


Buddliea was supposed to be dwarf! It is now taller than me and doing extremely well but the only thing dwarf about this is that it is dwarfing the Japanese maple that is planted beside it!


I bought a hybridized echinachea (which is usually pale purple) and it is finally blooming a very nice RED. Quite nice.


There is gallardia and I have a few that are quite black eyed with shades of rust/orange/yellow but I also bought these two NEW colours. Was pleasantly surprised now that they've bloomed.



I planted this little guy as a 4" perennial. It survived the winter which was horrendous for lots of plants but for the life of me I have no idea what it is? Am hoping Horus or MD will know cause I have sure forgotten what it is. It has also been flowering for a while and the blooms (bushy and lots of them) are now on their last legs. Figured I better get a photo before they're totally gone leaving me with no idea of what I've got.


Lastly since Grandad and Horus talked about growing FERNS I've decided to plant a few and see how they do. I bought this guy which is called Autumn. The new growth comes out with a rusty tinge to it and then fades back to green as it grows and hardens off. Should ultimately get, as per the tag something like 18" high x 18 to 24" wide and is VERY hardy which is a good thing if we get another winter like the one that just past.


All in all the gardens here are 2 years old. They're all filling in quite nicely and I'm really starting to enjoy the feel of being surrounded by colour and an ever change landscape of colour. Nothing I've planted has tried to take over (yet) and I did give away the huge "Old Gold Juniper" that was out front which left me lots of space to plant one of the hydrangea and other perennials.

Anybody else have summer garden colour to share??

:) :) :)

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Re: The Garden

Post by Horus » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:28 am

Great pictures LLL, I'm in a bit of a rush today so will reply more later ;) but just to say that your Hydrangea can be Blue or Pink depending on the soil it is planted in, if I remember correctly it is Pink in alkaline (chalky) soil and Blue in acidic soil. :up

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Re: The Garden

Post by Kiya » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:30 am

LLL....all looking so pretty in your garden :)

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