WOW - What a night!!!!

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WOW - What a night!!!!

Post by DJKeefy » Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:58 am

I was invited by a couple to visit their villa at the West Bank. The living room was huge and lead to an open plan kitchen with a huge breakfast bar (that could have seated about 12 people) I was told to help myself to food and drink that was in the fridge, WOW again ive never seen a fridge bigger than this one, it was one of those American style double door fridges with a drinks dispenser on one of the doors, I opened the doors and could not believe it, it was stacked up with Ginsters pies, there where only 2 kinds though, chicken and mushroom slice and peppered steak slice, I was not complaining these are my favourites out of all the ginsters range. On the bottom 2 shelves were bottles of diamond white cider (I use to drink this in the uk, love it...), gee I thoug
ht how the hell of they got all this here to Luxor.

I helped myself to a chicken and mushroom slice and a peppered steak slice and opened a bottle of diamond white and started to move toward the living room area when I noticed bowls of planters dry roasted peanuts (my favorite nuts) That's when I got a strange feeling through my body, like something is not right, everything here is my favorite food or drink, I hardly know these people, how do they know what i like (there was nothing else available except the items above)

I looked over to them sitting in front of a large open lit fireplace and was just about to say something when I woke up. lol

Dreams are so weird when you mull over them, I dont know these peoples names in the dream, I dont know how I got to the villa or even the invitation to go see them, the dream started there in the kitchen (I just knew I had been invited).

What's your weird realistic dream?


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Re: WOW - What a night!!!!

Post by Horus » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:32 am

At first I thought you had been to a party at Choccy's place, :lol: but it sounds to me like you are getting withdrawal symtoms for your favourite foods Keefy ;)

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Re: WOW - What a night!!!!

Post by LovelyLadyLux » Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:14 am

Must've been eating up a storm or exotic foods to be actually dreaming about 'em. Aren't some foods supposed to actually influence the type of dream you're having?

Most of what I dream about is a recreation of my day at work :(

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Re: WOW - What a night!!!!

Post by Scottishtourist » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:28 pm

Does anyone have recurring dreams?
My "strange"one centres around a cupboard under stairs in my elderly dad's house (family home where I grew up.)
In dream this cupboard is passageway to my sisters house and can be used as a quick road to get there.
However,every time I enter,a doorway appears,but is always blocked by some obstacle and stops me from going any further.I can't move the obstacle!Last time it was a coffin!
This dream is so vivid,and I've had it four or five times over course of about three years.
Anyone out there able to interpret it for me?
My cousin reckons I should go to some sort of regression therapy and get it explained.She's into all these alternative therapies and reckons it's some sort of vision or message from past life!
Any thoughts?Or does anyone else have them too?

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