Egypt Air-Talaat Harb

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Egypt Air-Talaat Harb

Post by Glyphdoctor »

This is a warning to anyone who may go to buy a ticket at the Egypt Air office in Talaat Harb Street in downtown Cairo. This is a variation on any one of a number of scams that the kherti population of the downtown streets perpetrate. If you are about to enter the Egypt Air office and someone stops you and tells you that the ticket booking office is down the street, don't listen to him. He will take you to a travel agent (the case I know of involved a company called Kenooz but I would not surprised if other companies are doing this as well) down the street who will sell you the same ticket you went to EgyptAir to buy, but at a much higher price than you would pay for the exact same seat at EgyptAir.

If you ask why, they will lie and say it is taxes. Fortunately this person became suspicious afterward and inquired about the price he knew it was supposed to be sold for at EgyptAir (by looking online before going to EgyptAir) and found out that price was already supposed to include taxes so that the Kenooz people had simply added extra money on top of the already inclusive price.

The person I know who fell for this was an Egyptian, but had never bought a ticket from that office before so wasn't aware that he was being tricked. He managed to get his money back after the scam was realized and threatening the staff at Kenooz with the police, but if they are doing that to Egyptians I am sure they are doing it to unsuspecting foreigners as well. And if you don't already know what the price of the ticket is you would walk out of Kenooz having paid too much and having no clue you had even been tricked. And certainly the kherti who got you there will take his commission.

The EgyptAir staff claim they cannot do anything to stop people in the street in front of their office from doing this, even though they have security and police in front.

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