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The discussion and advice forums on Luxor4u cover every aspect of visiting or living in Luxor, there are forums on Egypt's religions, politics, history and the problems arising from intercultural relationships. In addition, there are general discussion and light-hearted forums on music, games and other items of amusement. An Arabic/English dictionary is provided together with useful phrases. Everyone is welcome so come and join us.
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You can download a variety of songs from Arabic to English and also upload your own favourites to share with forum members. You have to be a registered member to access the music page.
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Joining the Forum
Some forums are open to guests, but to participate in all the forums you have to register as a member. You can do this simply by clicking on the Register button at the top of the Forum page. You have to give a valid e-mail address, as the membership has to be activated through your e-mail account. Once you are a member, all the other features of the forum are available to you.
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Chat & PM
If you want to get in touch with forum members there is a chat room where you can 'talk' to members on-line. Alternatively, you can send Personal Messages through the forum itself.
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Start to create your own personal blog of your interests or your daily life. Over 30 templates to choose from. You can have your Blog open to members only or for all the world to see.
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While you browse the Forum, you can listen to Live streaming radio from a choice of 19 different stations, from the BBC World Service to favorites such as Virgin Radio and the popular Radio 1.
Choose to play any of 400+ games. High scores are registered and there is a monthly competition to find the best player. You need to register to see and play all the games.
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View of wide selection of photos of Luxor in the public galleries, or upload your own photos into a Personal Album for others to see. You need to be a registered member to view all the albums.
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Photo Re-sizing
On the Forum navigation bar, there is a photo re-sizing facility to make it easier for you to resize your photos before uploading. It will resize your photo to a maximum of 800 x 800 pixels.
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